The power of words made them fall in love.
Yet, the power of words made them walk crying.
The power of words made them alive.
yet, the power of words does takes lives.


Words are wonderful,
Words are powerful,
Words are beautiful.


Yet, they can be painful,
They can be fearful,
And the can kill people.


Singing You Love Songs


She can do everything I can,
and sing melodies I can.
So I stopped plucking the strings of my guitar,
thinking she’s good in every way.

Then I met you.
She owns you,
your heart, and all of you.
But still, I’m falling for you.

Sang you love songs.
and made you harmonies she’ll never sing.
but you’ve got eyes and ears only for her.
Deaf, and not hearing, the love songs I sing.

The sun was setting.
I stood before you with my heart breaking,
Singing and strumming again love songs I never sing,
with melodies and harmonies written back then at our meeting.

But then, I stopped playing,
seeing you weren’t listening.
Until I broke a string
that told me, to stop playing.

Singing you love songs is hard,
made my heart so tired.
then and there, I  cried.
’cause  eversince, you were deaf and blind.


if someone read this, thanks for paying attention! 🙂 I’m sorry about the meter and rhyming.. I know it’s bad.. -_-



Sound of Reality


Sweet words sometimes can make you blind.
Bitter words sometimes can make you realize.

That life is reality.
Not a wonderful dream you’ll live ’til eternity.

I’ll wait ’til I hear the sweet sound of reality.

🙂 C O M M E N T

The Girl I Met

There was once a girl
Who cried her heart out.

Funny how people judge her.
Her value she wonder.

Words really are sharp.
They’re her kryptonite.

Each day, she’s falling deeper,
With nobody to save her.

She tried to fix what’s broken,
A lot of times and again.

A truthful smile she always wears,
But late at night, there’s only just tears.

What made her cry, she never did say.
She just wanted me there to stay.

She doesn’t want me to go.
She might fall if I let go.

To the girl I met last night,
Please don’t cry, I’ll hold you tight

I reached out my hand to hold her.
But there was nothing, just water.


C O M M E N T 🙂 hehe.. Image

In The Month Of May

I heard of you.
A couple of times I saw you.
But never even thought of you.

But it was that day,
in the month of May.
strange that the sky looked gray.

Rain poured down heavily.
I found shelter under an old tree.
Then, saw you running towards me.

Silly, i was just assuming.
You weren’t running towards me,
but for the tree that sheltered me.

You brushed your hair,
and looked at the needles falling from the sky.
Then looked at me, doing anything just to make my hair dry.

You smiled and told me,
How strange is it raining heavily in the month of May.
All I did was smile shyly when you looked at me.

It was then,when i realized how wonderful you are.
Wonderful eyes and a mezmerizing smile,
that remained in my thoughts even though it happened just for a while.

The rain stopped, and warmth melted the shades of gray.
You bid goodbye and walked away,
not knowing you already took my heart away.

That night, in my bed I lay,
Saying all the things I pray,
Including thanks that rain poured down in the month of May.


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